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Eunice LaFate was born on the island of Jamaica. Her creative vision finds its origin in the colors and tones of the islandís people, landscapes, and culture.

While her homeland has had a major effect on her art, so too have her many experiences here in the United States, where she has transitioned from her early career in education to human services administration. LaFate has immersed herself in teaching and helping people of all ages and races, which is why her creative spirit shows itself in art that emphasizes the beauty of human diversity and the importance of cultural heritage. She also brings to her art her appreciation of natural splendors óall in a universe that welcomes differences and celebrates rites of passage.

Influenced by the work of Grandma Moses and Bill Taylor, LaFate is an accomplished self-taught artist who has been painting for more than 20 years.  Her varied use of abstract imagery, line, pattern, and color reflect this.  

The winter season stimulates her creativity. In colder weather, her paints and brushes beckon her to spend more time at work indoors. And in the quiet warmth of these days and nights, as LaFate envisions her evolving worlds, she gives herself over to the process of rendering on paper and canvas what she sees, intuits, and imagines.

Eunice LaFate served on the Delaware Department of Educationís Curriculum Framework Commission for the Visual and Performing Arts. She is a member of the Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts, and her works have been exhibited in Juried, One Person, and Group Shows.  In 1993 she opened LaFate Gallery as an additional resource that provides greater access to her paintings.   

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