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Eunice LaFate works in contemporary, traditional, and folk art styles.

Her more traditional pieces present expansive Caribbean and American landscapes as well as bursts of tropical foliage, resplendent sunrises, radiant sunsets.  The uniqueness of her approach is in her ability to portray the grace of the land, the power of a blossom, or the boldness of the sun through the combination of naked color and pure form.  Her descriptive brushstrokes add a compelling immediacy to the work.

Her folk art pieces showcase her ability to imbue essential line and form with vibrant color to depict the universal meaning that resides at the heart of everyday experience.., the spirit that lives at the core of our temporal existence.

LaFate’s contemporary and folk art paintings are arranged in two series:

Visions in Diversity

The pieces in this series reflect a world where diversity reigns... a peaceful place in which women and children often carry the banner and reach for the dream of racial harmony.  Two paintings in this series, "Diversity" and "The Melting Pot vs. The Salad Bowl" are available as limited edition prints.

Caribbean Folk Culture & Tropical Blossoms

These works capture the dignity, talents, and traditions of the Caribbean people.  Also in this series you will find Caribbean landscapes and tropical foliage.

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